Nordic Fury

Nordic Fury, a guitarist and a singer/songwriter, a New Yorker who was born in Finland, is not afraid to bounce the BOUNDARIES OF MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT.
'You've seen nothing yet!' is the debut EP.


'You've seen nothing yet!' is the debut EP that Karel started to write at the age of 15. Music for 'Armour', 'Exit wound' and ' Say Goodbye' was written by Karel and lyrics in collaboration with Jay Stolar. 'Cold Blooded Dance' propels Karel's unique writing style to the new level with the dance beat.

Karel's interest in songwriting started at the age of 8, when his first songwriting attempts took place after 2 years of classical piano lessons. He then picked interest in guitar, which became his main instrument, along with vocals. Karel accomplished his first fully finished original song at the age of 11, and since has written over 100 songs, three of which are displayed in his solo EP 'You've seen nothing yet!'

Karel's music taste has evolved over time including classical music (Beethoven, Tchaikovsky) and spreaded to Pop, Rock and Heavy Metal. When writing music for 'You've seen nothing yet!', some of the influences were various heavy metal artists, as well as a Finnish rock band 'H.I.M.' The newly released 'Cold Blooded Dance (Live) has more rock/dance elements, and the current influences include the Script, Linkin Park, Gavin DeGraw, Coldplay, The Fray, Rob Thomas, among others.